Hi Bram,

I happened to read your article yesterday and found it interesting as I have also been looking into random distribution recently.

Especially since I just read this

Articel here: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/these-numbers-look-random-but-arent-mathematicians-prove/

Here is also the paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2206.07809

I wondered whether you had also read this paper.

In principle, this is all very closely related to Benford's Law.

I was wondering if this property could be useful in poker games. Couldn't this property be used to design a game without a third party?

Maybe just a random idea but would love to hear your opinion.

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Omg the video is great. Must watch them all. There is something fascinating about complex issues explained I a clear precise manner. Even without knowing what a Bayesian Prior is yet I have a feeling of what you are talking about. I translate it in really rough terms as “The paradox of the bias works when u consider relatable data points and not some abstract stuff. So “room temperature” is working better than the “temperature of the sun”? Need to binge watch the YouTube channel. I wish we would have been confronted with that kind of explanations when our brains where still of high plasticity (youth). How much could even a below average guy like me have learned.

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