I came across an open source project that claims to implement true peer-to-peer mental poker (including multiplayer). Apparently it was originally written in Actionscript for Flash (!!) but has been ported to Javascript: https://twitter.com/endertown/status/1701010824331165914

It integrates with BTC and ETH wallets but I haven't gotten deep enough into it to see exactly how. Thought it might be interesting!

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This is more a product question than a technical question. But poker AI is completely dominant over human poker players, right? If it were possible to play fair poker online for money, it seems like poker AIs would dominate the game, and humans would just lose money. Would that really be something that people want to do?

Imagine playing chess online for money, in a distributed blockchain way. Any human is just going to lose to Stockfish. Why would anyone want to play, more than a few people who implement Stockfish bots to take the money of any human foolish enough to compete?

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